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Charlie Spencer - Creative Director / Composer

Charlie Spencer

He was born in Bolton, Lancs. After jobs in bleaching and dyeing and in a pulp and paper mill in Fort William, Scotland he came to London in 1979. He recorded his first single for EMI at Abbey Road and released a host of one-off records under such names as Mash, 13amp and Charlie da Vinci. He got involved in management as well as production and took on the awesome task of trying to control five mad Venezuelans who made up a Latin/Rock fusion band called Spiteri. Two singles went to number one in Venezuela and the album was a hit all over Latin America. The band is still a legend and a newly mastered CD of this first album has just been released.

Charlie then went to California for a year producing the LA band, August. On returning, he wrote and recorded for many different artistes and had an international best-seller with the Bay City Rollers recording of "Love Brought me Such a Magical Thing". Charlie later formed Candle Music with Tony Satchell.


Charlie’s latest project is The Zoobes. From abbey road song demos in the 70’s he has remixed and re-recorded the album called 'From The Attic' on Clear Records. The Zoobes have already broadcast on BBC Radio Tees (the Bob Fischer Show) and BBC6 (the Gary Crowley show) with lots more to come from them!

Charlie lives in North London with his wife Robyn and three children Alfie, Poppy and Sadie.